Thermoworks Smoke Review

Thermoworks Smoke

In today’s post I will be doing a product review of the Thermoworks Smoke Meat and Grill Thermometer. One of the most important tools for anyone getting into Barbecue is a reliable meat thermometer. I will try to keep this post simple and break it down into three topics; description, my experience with the product and potential improvements.

The Thermoworks Smoke is a programmable dual-channel thermometer with a wireless receiver. Sounds fancy right? So what does dual-channel mean? Lets simplify this. The device comes with two probes, a smaller probe to monitor the temperature of the grill/pit and another longer probe to monitor the internal temperature of the meat.

Included in the package is the Smoke receiver, a wireless receiver, lanyard for the wireless receiver, meat probe, grill probe and grill clip. The Smoke is powered with two AA batteries (included) and the wireless receiver is powered with two AA batteries (included). The Smoke and the wireless receiver both have a display screens that displays the temperatures.

The Smoke is equipped with a folding stand, which is built into the base of the unit and folds away nicely. The Smoke also has small built in magnets, which makes attaching to the exterior of some grills a breeze. I own a Blaze four-burner grill, which is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel, and the Smoke magnets will not attach to this quality of Stainless Steel. The Smoke and wireless receiver are both backlit, which is activated with the push of a button. Once activated the backlight stays illuminated for approximately twenty seconds before turning off. This feature is useful during those late night and early morning cooks. The screen on the Smoke measures three inches wide by two inches tall. The screen on the wireless receiver measures one inch wide by two inches tall.

The unit comes paired to the wireless receiver and there is no initial setup or programing required. The Smoke has the ability to pair with multiple wireless receivers, which is useful for a competitive BBQ teams. The wireless receiver automatically updates every fifteen seconds. According to the Thermoworks website the wireless receiver will communicate with the Smoke base up to 300 feet (line of sight). I have not tested the connectivity distance; however I have never had a connection issue while inside my residence.

The Smoke and wireless receiver are water resistant and comes with a two year warranty. The max temperature for both probes is rated for 700 degrees and the max temperature for the probe cables are rated to 572 degrees. Probe cables should avoid direct contact with flames, immersion, racks, coals, elements and kinks. The probe and cables should NOT be submerged in water and cleaned with a cloth.

I purchased the Thermoworks smoke on July 15, 2017 and it was delivered on July 17, 2017. Ever since I received the Smoke I have wanted to write a review on it. I did not want to rush to review the product and felt I needed to get numerous hours and multiple uses to give it an honest review.

At fist glance it looked like it was going to be difficult to use and program. I watched a quick video on Youtube about how to program it (high and low temps) and it was surprisingly simple. I always use the top display to monitor the temperature of my grill and the bottom display to monitor the internal temperature of my food. Setting the high and low temperatures are simple and activating the alarms are even easier. I primarily do most of my cooking on my Traeger grills. I have never had an issue with the probes or probe cables being damaged when cooking on high heats within my Traeger. With that being said I did reverse sear a steak with the internal meat probe inserted. BIG mistake. The high heat from my Blaze gas grill melted the base of the probe. I called Thermorworks customer service and they promptly sent me out a replacement for free.

I have used my Smoke on streaks, burgers, meatloaf, pork shoulders, chicken, brisket and used it to monitor the temperature of my grill with baking cakes, bread and cookies. The Smoke has always performed flawlessly. The Smoke gives me the ability to monitor the internal temperature of my food while I perform other tasks or from the comfort of my living room. The alarm volumes can be changed with the push of a button and measures temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

I have used the Smoke on cooks as short as one hour and ones as long as fourteen hours. I have never lost connection between the Smoke and the wireless receiver. I have used my Smoke just about every day since its delivery in July and have never had to change the batteries. I clean the probes with a wet sponge, mild soap and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Thermoworks recently released the Gateway, which works in conjunction with the Smoke. The Gateway gives the user the ability to monitor the Smoke via WiFi on their cellular telephone or other devices. I have not used the Gateway and wish this was a standard feature built into the Smoke. The Gateway retails for $89.00.

I want finish this by saying I am no way affiliated with Thermoworks. Thermoworks did not provide me with a Smoke to review and I purchased it with my own hard earned money.

I believe the Thermoworks Smoke was designed and built for competitive BBQ teams. The wireless receiver comes with a lanyard, which can be worn around the neck. This is rather uncomfortable and pointless when in the comfort of the home. The top and bottom of the receiver is rounded and makes standing it up on a table difficult. I normally prop it up on my Yeti but it falls over with ease. I wish the wireless receive was flat on the bottom or came with a cradle that could stand upright.

With that being said I’m absolutely in love the Thermoworks Smoke. The Smoke retails at $99.00 and I would recommend it to anyone getting into BBQ or who enjoys cooking. I have used other products, which cost half as much that were poorly built, hard to program and broke after a few months. Thermoworks, if you are reading this there is room for some minor improvements, but they are minor and do not affect the use of the product. If you are considering getting a Thermorworks Smoke, stop thinking about it and order it now.

Thermorworks recently had information on their website warning customers about purchasing their products on Amazon, Ebay and other retail centers. At that time I don’t believe these sites were authorized Thermoworks retailers and were not selling authentic Thermoworks products. I would suggest if you are planning on purchasing a Thermorworks product to buy it directly from Thermoworks.

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Smoking temperatures are between 180 -250 degrees.



Cook to internal temperature and not to times.



Take notes and learn from each cook.