The Man Behind Alimo Chopping Blocks

Jason holding an Alimo Chopping Block and Winston

Alimo Chopping Block burst on to the scene and hasn’t looked back since. So, who is the man behind these custom American flag cutting boards? Jason Correia. Jason is the owner and operator of Alimo Chopping Blocks, which, is located in Northern California.

To understand how I met Jason, you must know a little bit about me. I am employed as a Police Officer in a city on the cusp of California’s Central Valley and the East Bay. It’s a bedroom community for Bay Area super commuters plagued by property crimes. There are many neighborhoods that are lifeless during standard business hours. Because of this most homeowners have house alarms, giving them a sense of security while away from their homes. The wind has a tendency to come in from the bay and rattles doors and windows. This often sets off many of these house alarms.

I was working swing shift on a warm June night and it was my Friday. It had been a busy week and I was inundated with paper calls. The oncoming shift was about to hit the street and I was trying to make my way back to the office to catch up on my reports.

Nearly arriving back to the station, I was dispatched to one of these alarm calls. Briefly annoyed and irritated for my own selfish reasons, I got my mind right and responded to the call.

When I arrived I saw this guy (Jason) who was built like a pitbull washing a new, very clean 650whp (wheel horse power), super charged Cadillac CST-V. I watched the subject from a distance and it was evident he was not burglarizing the home the alarm call was coming from.

I stopped in front of the residence and greeted Jason by stating, “You’re obviously not burglarizing this place.” With a dumfounded look on his face he realized he set off his own house alarm by accident and ran into the residence to ensure he properly turned it off.

When he returned, he apologized and found me admiring his car. We chatted for a bit and realized we had a lot in common. It was evident Jason’s personality was a strong as him. He was intense and ferocious in his stories, yet caring when he spoke about his family and dogs.

We were well into our conversation and I was getting ready to leave, when Jason told me he makes custom cutting boards for a hobby. I kind of chuckled and told him I was into barbecue and do social media influencing. Jason showed me a couple of his boards and I thought to myself “These are the best boards I have ever seen.” The boards were massive, detailed and looked like a piece of fine art. I played it cool and asked Jason to take at look at my page let to let me know if he was interested in partnering. I later received a message from Jason and neither of us has looked back since.

I recently sat down with Jason for a Q and A and wanted to share a little bit about him.

Tell me about yourself?

I served eight years in the United State Coast Guard and did most of that time as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist and Gunners Mate. I was promoted to the rank of 2nd Class Petty Officer before discharging. I pursued a career in law enforcement and became a Deputy Sheriff. I have since left law enforcement and I'm currently pursuing my dream of owning and operating my own business. As I hobby I enjoy Body Building and would like to get like to get my pro card in the future if time allows. I’m a big car guy and currently have a Cadillac CTS-V and a two door Chevy Tahoe with a Duramax/Allison swap. I enjoy spending time with my dog (French Bulldog) Winston and my family.

Tell me about Alimo Chopping Blocks and how it started?

It’s not a very glamorous story. One of my buddies wanted a counter top for a rolling island. I made it and it went from there. I started tinkering and it turns out I’m pretty good at woodworking.

Do you have website?

I do. I have to say though with how busy I am, I haven’t been able to update it or add the details I envision. Where can I purchase a cutting board? I do majority of my sales and business through Instagram. It’s the easiest way for me to connect with end users and showcase my craftsmanship. It’s also exciting for me because my customers often get to follow the progression of their boards through my Instagram stories and post. Please send me a direct message via Instagram or email at for all inquiries.

Alimo Chopping Blocks Instagram <- CLICK HERE

Alimo Chopping Blocks Website <- CLICK HERE

How much do the boards cost? Do prices vary based on size, logos and wood?

Absolutely. Size and design pretty much determine the price. The bigger and more tedious boards, obviously cost more money because it takes more time to make them.

Is there going be a holiday sale?

I’ve been thinking about that. I will probably run a special starting sometime in November and it will run through Christmas. I will also be doing a giveaway soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow.

How many man-hours go into a standard American flag board?

Most of time is spent waiting for the glue to dry. It’s a hurry up and wait kind of deal. I spend approximately six to eight man-hours (actually touching the board) making a standard American flag cutting board.

Finished Alimo Chopping Block Paddle

Now that I have a custom cutting board from Alimo Chopping Blocks how do I care for it?

Great question. Oil.. Oil.. Oil.. Every Alimo Chopping Block comes oiled and ready to use but will need more oil in the following weeks. I suggest getting food grade oil such as Walrus Oil. Coat all sides of the board and let soak for a few days. Once the board is oiled I suggest adding a coat of food safe wax. To clean the boards wash with a mild dish soap and water. Promptly dry with a clean towel. NEVER soak the board and I suggest you oil it every time after your first few uses.

A new Alimo Chopping Block with a fresh coat of Walrus Oill

Walrus Oil Website <- CLICK HERE

Buy Walrus Oil on Amazon <- CLICK HERE

Have you worked with anyone notable people or companies?

My brand is growing daily. Since July I have had the opportunity to make custom cutting boards for Omar Avila (Instagram @crispy11b) and Silencerco (Instagram @silencerco).

(Authors note: Omar “Crispy” Avila is a US Army Veteran Amputee who was severely wounded in combat. Despite being an amputee Crispy is a power lifter and part of the Black Rifle Coffee and Article 15 crew).

Omar "Crispy" Avila's Instagram <- CLICK HERE

What do you have planned for the future? Growth, new products, etc.

I like to think I’m changing the cutting board game, innovating new ideas and just coming up with all new stuff. A lot of my customers are the ones that give me ideas. I turn their ideas into a reality with my own personal twist.

Special note from Jason

I’m like everyone else trying to build a name and a brand. I want to be the brand that people must have to have. I plan on achieving that by staying grounded, innovative and making my customers needs a reality. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. You know who you are. Special thanks to all my customers who have purchased a custom cutting board. Please keep tagging me in your post. They help keep me excided and motivated.

Final Thoughts from Author

I have only known Jason for a few months but it feels like we have been friends for years. When I first met Jason he was making custom cutting boards as a hobby and completely content with it. As I previously mentioned, when I met Jason he was intense and ferocious. I have seen Jason apply that same intensity and ferociousness to his business and without a doubt know he will be a huge success.

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