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It’s 2019 and there’s no lack of online meat subscription services available.  So what’s different about Porter Road? 

Porter Road is a whole animal; sustainable pasture raised online butcher shop.  Porter Road is the first online butcher shop in the United States bringing quality meats (beef, pork, chicken and lamb) from the farm to your doorstep.   Before I dive into my three favorite cuts, I want to briefly talk about the values of the brand that separates Porter Road from all other meat subscription services.

Porter Road works directly with local family farms where all the animals are raised to the highest of standards set by Porter Road.  All the animals are 100% free-range pasture raised.  This means all the animals are raised outdoors, in the sunlight, breathing fresh air with plenty of open space to roam.  All their cows are grass fed and are grain finished to achieve that marbling we seek when looking for the perfect cut of meat.  Porter Road farmers use a propriety blend of grain when finishing their cattle. This blend of grain is non-GMO and free of any drugs or hazardous chemicals. It should also be noted the cows are grained finished on pasture and not in concentrated feeding operations like most beef cattle operations. Porter Road hogs eat a special grain mix on pasture in the woods while roaming freely.  

Porter Road cares about the physical and mental health of the animals from the beginning to the end.  Porter Road owns and operates their own slaughterhouse, which is in close proximity to all of the farms they work with.  This means no long stressful hauls or prodding of the animals before being processed.

All of Porter Road beef is dry aged for fourteen days before being masterly butchered.  Dry aging reduces moisture and helps breaks down the enzymes for maximum taste and tenderness.  You can truly taste the difference.  It has been my experience that Porter Road meats have a natural bold flavor and more tender than the beef that I would buy at my local grocery store.

On October 30th 2018 Porter Road co-founders James Peisker and Chris Carter were on the Farm Report podcast hosted by Lisa Held.  During this podcast James stated less than one percent of all beef processed in the United States meets Porter Road standards.  To put that in prospective it's predicted there will be over 27 billion pounds of beef processed in the United States in 2019 (statistic taken from beef2live.com).

The highest of standards extends beyond the farm, slaughterhouse and even the butcher counter.  As I previously mentioned Porter Road ships directly from the butcher shop to the doorstep.  Obviously shipping perishable goods is a difficult task and thought was put into the shipping process.  All Porter Road products are shipped in compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging material.  Being environmental friendly was very important to Porter Road co-founders Chris Carter and James Peisker when they first thought about retail beyond the brick and mortar butcher shop.

Before I discovered Porter Road I had never heard of cuts of beef like Teres Major, Picanha, or hanger steak.  I had heard of the Denver steak but had never seen it at my local grocery store nor would I known where to get such cut of beef. I have outlined my three favorite cuts Porter Road beef below:

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3.         Teres Major

The Porter Road Teres Major is a small round cut of meat that weighs between .5 lbs. and .75 lbs.  The Teres Major resembles a small tenderloin that is incredibly tender and rich in flavor.  According to the Porter Road website they only get 2 lbs. of this cut from a 1,400 lbs. cow.  All the Teres Major needs is a little salt, pepper and to be cooked over high heat.  Once finished I like to slice it into round medallions and serve with a chimichurri.

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2.         Picanha

The Porter Road Picanha is a roast with a fat cap on one side that weighs between 3.8 lbs. and 4.2 lbs.  I like to cut the roast with the grain to make individual steaks.  These are often cooked on a rotisserie or reverse seared on a hot piece of cast iron.  If cooked medium rare the Picanha is a tender piece of meat that is rich and buttery in flavor.  

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1.         Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

The Tomahawk ribeye is the king of all steaks and weighs between 2.5 lbs. and 3 lbs.  Porter Road cuts the two largest  ribeyes off of each rib section leaving the bone attached.  The bone is then Frenched, which exposes the massive white bone.  The Tomahawk may look midevil but it’s incredibly tender and packs rich, bold beef flavor.  I like to season the Tomahawk with coarse salt, bring to room temperature and cook it indirect (225 degrees) over pecan and cherry woods.  Once the internal temperature reaches 115 degrees I like to sear all sides of this steak over an open flame until the internal temperature reaches 127 degrees.  Finish with a sprinkle of coarse salt, coarse pepper, a small pad of butter and let rest for ten minute before slicing.  The Porter Road Tomahawk is large enough to feed my family of four. 

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Notable Mentions

I feel I wouldn’t be doing Porter Road or my readers any justice without mentioning these two cuts of beef. 

The Porter Road Tri-Tip is heavily marbled and rich in flavor.  Being from California I have been eating Tri-Tip for as long as I can remember.  I have never had a Tri-Tip taste anything comparable to a Porter Road Tri-Tip.  No sauce is needed here.  Just season with salt, pepper and garlic, cook over an open flame and serve medium.

Lastly, I have to give a shoutout to the Hanger steak.  The Hanger steak is a heavily marbled cut of meat that is extremely tender.  I like to cook this hot and fast and serve over rice or use for tacos. 

Tips, Tricks and More information

Being many of these cuts of meat are not available at you local grocery store or through other online meat retailers they are in high demand. You can go through the Porter Road website just about any time and it’s likely one if not all of these cuts will be out of stock.  If you’re looking to score one of these highly sought after cuts of beef I suggest you subscribe to the email list.  I also suggest you request to be notified when the website is updated and restocked. 

I have had the best luck ordering these cuts of beef early in the week (Monday and Tuesday) around noon PST.  When you get notification that a Porter Road cut of meat is in stock, you better get online and score it without delay.  I made the mistake once of placing a Picanha in my cart, browsing the Porter Road site and picking out other items to go along with my order.  When it came time for me to checkout the Picanha had already sold out and was no longer available. 

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Smoking temperatures are between 180 -250 degrees.



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Take notes and learn from each cook.