The #homegatingchallenge

Behind every great ball game is an even better tailgate. Tailgating has become a staple in sports from Friday night-lights to Sunday football. In most cases the parking lot pre-game is better than the game itself.

Over the years homegating has become a phenomenon. Homegating: “Firing up the grill, knocking back a few adult beverages with your friends and family while watching the game at home”. At most homegating events... the food is better, the beverages are colder, and watching the game is a lot more comfortable.

Without a doubt you get a better view of the game from the comfort of your living room. So why is it people are paying for inflated ticket prices to watch live sports? The reason is simple, the love for the game and that community of people gathered around a grill rooting on their favorite team.

The one thing that's missing from all homegating events is the competitive atmosphere and the camaraderie you get with a parking lot full of people.... that draw, that community of die-hard tailgater, that keeps you coming back....

What would you say if we found a way to make homegating a little better? Maybe a way to bring some of that community to your livingroom? A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Ryan from @southerdancebbq and we came up with the idea of creating a virtual tailgate. A way to bring football fans, fantasy footballers, barbecue enthusiasts, and beer drinking buddies together for a weekly barbecue throw down. It was during this conversation where the idea of the “Homegating Challenge” was born. We've teamed up with some of the best companies in the business to raise the stakes a bit and pulled together some killer giveaways !

The #homegatingchallenge will be a weekly giveaway that will be hosted by @southerndancebbq and myself @freedomsohard. This weekly giveaway will coincide with the regular 2019 football season and will run from September 5th until December 30th, 2019 (17 weeks). The weekly challenge will be announced on Instagram on Tuesday at 5PM PST. The challenge will open on Thursday at 5 PM PST and will close Sunday at 10 PM PST. The winner will be announced during Monday night football at 7 PM PST.

To be eligible for entry you must follow some simple directions:

  1. Follow @freedomsohard, @southerndancebbq, and the weekly sponsor(s).

  2. Post your entry(s) for the weekly challenge (e.g.: chicken wings, chili, sliders, etc.) using the hashtag #homegatingchallenge in your entry

  3. Like the weekly announcement post by @freedomsohard or @southerndancebbq.

  4. Tag three (3) of your tailgating or bbq besties in the weekly announcement post.

The purpose of this weekly challenge is to:

  1. Create weekly engagement amongst football fans and barbecue enthusiasts irregardless of the grill they use or what team they root for.

  2. Learn new tips from the community and share great recipes that other backyard bbq heros can try at home.

  3. Spread brand awareness and give away cool swag.

The winner will be selected by @southerndancebbq and @freedomsohard. A winner will be selected based on the follow criteria:

  1. Plating / Presentation

  2. Quality of the photograph

  3. Creativity

  4. Engagement across all posts using the #homagatingchallenge. We encourage your to cheer your friends on by commenting on their entries, liking their posts, and maybe even a repost of some of your favorites to your feed or stories to spread some love.

So you are probably asking yourself what’s up for grabs? Well, let me tell you these giveaways will not disappoint. Ryan and I reached out to some of our favorite brands, sponsors, and others we regularly work with and they came through in a MAJOR way. There will be merch up from grabs from Porter Road, Fogo Charcoal, Thermoworks, Spiceology, Lanes Barbecue, Wassis Meats, Kick Ash Basket , Gentrys BBQ, Tennesee Mojo, Cambro Mfg. and many others. The weekly prizes will range from electronic gift cards to killer BBQ merchandise.

Help us make this a success by posting a picture of your entry for the weekly dish and use the hashtag #homegatingchallenge. Follow the #homegatingchallenge hashtag and engage others content to increase your chances of winning.

See the schedule below. Giveaway open to U.S. (lower 48) residents only. This giveaway is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Instagram.

Week 1

The week one #homegatingchallenge will be Chicken Wings: Hot, mild, lemon pepper, garlic Parmesan, or any other flavor profile you can create. Chicken wings are the ultimate finger food so there’s no better way than to kick the season off than with wings. This weeks sponsors are Porter Road and Lanes BBQ. Here is what’s up for grab:

  1. Porter Road $50.00 Gift Card

  2. Lanes BBQ Chicken Wing set ($53.00 value).

Good luck to all who enter and remember to engage others content. Like, comment and share to increase your chances of winning.

  • Open announcement 09-03-2019

  • Opens 09-05-2019

  • Closes 09-08-2019

  • Winner announcement 09-09-2019

Photo posted with Permission of Nate Cantu @can2_bbq

Congratulations to Week 1 winner Nate Cantu (@can2_bbq). Nate literally brought the heat with his Crispy Nashville Hot Chicken Wings.

Week 2

The week two #homegatingchallenge will be Tacos. All great tailgates and homegating events have some version of street food and nothing screams street food more than tacos. Make them big; make them small, beef, chicken, pork or fish tacos. Soft tacos, or crunchy tacos there’s no boundaries here. Get creative, have fun and remember to engage #homegatingchallenge content to increase your chances of winning. This week sponsor’s are Fogo Charcoal, Sweet With a Kick and Kiolbassa. Here’s what’s up for grabs.

  1. Fogo Pack (one 17.6 lbs. bag Super Premium Charcoal, one 17.6 lbs. bag Premium Charcoal, one box of Fogo Fire Starters and one bottle of Fogo Charcoal Activated Rub) retail value $62.84.

  2. Kiolbassa (1 bottle opener, 1 Branded Bag, 1 Branded Hat, 1 Branded Apron, and 4 packs of smoked Sausage) Estimated retail value $65.00.

  3. Sweet with a Kick (6 pack of Honey Blaze Sauce) $45.99.

Good luck to all who enter and remember to engage others content. Like, comment and share to increase your chances of winning.

  • Open announcement 09-10-2019

  • Opens 09-12-2019

  • Closes 09-15-2019

  • Winner announcement 09-16-2019

Week 3

  • Open announcement 09-17-2019

  • Opens 09-19-2019

  • Closes 09-22-2019

  • Winner announcement 09-23-2019

Week 4

  • Open announcement 09-24-2019

  • Opens 09-26-2019

  • Closes 09-29-2019

  • Winner announcement 09-30-2019

Week 5

  • Open announcement 10-01-2019

  • Opens 10-03-2019

  • Closes 10-06-2019

  • Winner announcement 10-07-2019

Week 6

  • Open announcement 10-08-2019

  • Opens 10-10-2019

  • Closes 10-13-2019

  • Winner announcement 10-14-2019

Week 7

  • Open announcement 10-10-15-2019

  • Opens 10-17-2019

  • Closes 10-20-2019

  • Winner announcement 10-21-2019

Week 8

  • Open announcement 10-22-2019

  • Opens 10-24-2019

  • Closes 10-27-2019

  • Winner announcement 10-28-2019

Week 9 (Halloween Theme)

  • Open announcement 10-29-2019

  • Opens 10-31-2019

  • Closes 11-03-2019

  • Winner announcement 11-04-2019

Week 10

  • Open announcement 11-05-2019

  • Opens 11-07-2019

  • Closes 11-10-2019

  • Winner announcement 11-11-2019

Week 11

  • Open announcement 11-12-2019

  • Opens 11-14-2019

  • Closes 11-17 2019

  • Winner announcement 11-18-2019

Week 12

  • Open announcement 11-19-2019

  • Opens 11-21-2019

  • Closes 11-24-2019

  • Winner announcement 11-25-2019

Week 13

  • Open announcement 11-26-2019

  • Opens 11-28-2019

  • Closes 12-01-2019

  • Winner announcement 12-02-2019

Week 14

  • Open announcement 12-03-2019

  • Opens 12-05-2019

  • Closes 12-08-2019

  • Winner announcement 12-09-2019

Week 15

  • Open announcement 12-10-2019

  • Opens 12-12-2019

  • Closes 12-15-2019

  • Winner announcement 12-16-2019

Week 16

  • Open announcement 12-17-2019

  • Opens 12-19-2019

  • Closes 12-22-2019

  • Winner announcement 12-23-2019

Week 17 (Christmas themed)

  • Open announcement 12-24-2019

  • Opens 12-26-2019

  • Closes 12-29-2019

  • Winner announcement 12-30-2019

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Smoking temperatures are between 180 -250 degrees.



Cook to internal temperature and not to times.



Take notes and learn from each cook.